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Note-taking is an essential skill for professional interpreters working in the consecutive mode (when one speaker pauses for the interpretation) because it develops our memory and preserves the accuracy of the speaker’s message, however, its inner-workings are not always clear for most interpreters. For this reason, I’ve created a collection of more than 300 symbols specially designed for note-taking in interpretation settings. These symbols work as a brand new visual language called ”Nanyi’s note-taking”. This system works similarly to hieroglyphics or traffic signs, but with a set of rules, drawing structures, and cognitive processes to help the interpreter render messages accurately and completely, without omitting or changing any part of the speaker’s message.

My Courses and Materials

18-hours Note-taking & Memory Retention Course

I teach and developed this note-taking course with Transinterpreting, one of the main online interpreting schools in California. The course takes the student from a total beginner level to an advanced level of note-taking by means of practical note-taking exercises and proven memory techniques. The course explains Nanyi’s note-taking system as a part of a broader interpretation algorithm. This will help the student apply a standardized cognitive process in each and every interpreting encounter to ensure the accuracy and completeness of messages. Click here to see the course.

InterpreMed’s Note-taking & Memory Club

I run this Note-taking & Memory Club as a continuing education program for my note-taking students and InterpreMed members. We meet every 2 weeks to practice note-taking using Nanyi’s note-taking system as well as different variations and styles of note-taking based on memory techniques, symbols, or both. The Note-taking & Memory Club also includes self-paced exercises designed by Nanyi to help members reach their full note-taking potential. Click here to read more about the Note-taking & Memory Club.

Nanyi’s Symbols Glossary

This is a symbol database with over 400 symbols useful for medical, legal, and general interpretation. The glossary includes a search function to quickly find any symbol alongside its meaning and an explanation about how I created this symbol and why it works. The symbols in this glossary are organized into categories or ”families” according to their form (drawing) and function (meaning, context) e.g. symbols that use lines, circles, math symbols, medical symbols, legal symbols, etc.

Structuring Techniques for Consecutive Note-taking

In this 2-hour webinar/workshop we will study structuring techniques to improve the organization and readability of your notes in consecutive interpreting. We will explain the logic behind each structuring technique by means of practical examples as well as exercises that you will complete during and after the presentation. After completing this course you will be able to systematically apply good structuring techniques to take clear and readable notes. Click here to view the course.

Note-taking & Memory Retention Personalized Training

For Individuals

I give personalized coaching sessions to interpreters who are struggling with memory retention and rendering messages accurately. We can work together on:

  • Discovering the real causes of your weaknesses and outlining a problem-solving strategy with exercises.
  • Improving your active listening skills with guided exercises.
  • Practicing and creating symbols needed for your particular field of interpretation.
  • Giving you continuous feedback both written and during our coaching session.

For Schools and Agencies

I develop engaging and effective training materials, lesson plans, and courses for the members of your interpreting school or agency as part of your continuing education program.

  • On-demand workshops
  • Video lessons
  • Lectures
  • Self-paced and live courses
  • Interpreter coaching and exam prep

For Workshops and Webinars

I give skill-building presentations for small and large audiences online or in person. The topics I usually cover are:

  • Effective note-taking & memory techniques
  • The theory and practice of memory retention for interpreters
  • Symbol creation strategies
  • Study strategies to pass NBCMI & CCHI oral and written exams
  • Coping with interpreting anxiety
  • Teamwork for interpreters
  • How to design your interpretation CV/Resume

Nanyi has created a note-taking system that uses meaningful symbols to help your memory when taking notes and interpreting in the consecutive mode. (…) Nanyi also is very detailed oriented and makes her students participate during class helping us to reinforce what we have learned by giving us feedback.

Liliana Perdomo, Court-certified interpreter (Spanish)

After more than 25 years of experience and several note-taking courses, I finally found a course worth taking.

Suzana Martinez, Student of Nanyi’s 18-hours Note-taking & Memory Retention Course

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